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Every congregation, no matter what denomination, requires protection!

Insurance for Religious Institutions Information

Property damage or financial loss that isn’t properly covered by insurance can stop a ministry in its tracks. At Worgess Insurance, we provide the tools and the special knowledge and experience to help your church prevent, or recover from, the unexpected.

An effective church insurance package is built piece by piece, based on your congregation’s unique needs. First, we work with you to protect everything you own – buildings, contents, organs, instruments, stained glass, vehicles, and equipment.

The next task is putting in place coverage to protect everything you do! When your church is charged with claims of negligence for the actions of its members or visitors, you need an insurance policy that will respond to adequately defend you and pay judgments. We know how to help you anticipate the liability coverage you require and to design coverage limits to properly respond to claims.

For more information call our Church and Non-Profit Insurance Specialist Mark Lambert at 269-965-3221.