Museum Insurance Quote Form

Stand at the front door of your museum and look inside. Where are the risks for damage to your property or injury to your guests? Now, think about how you are going to prevent, or recover from, an unexpected loss from these hazards.

Museum Insurance Information

At Worgess Insurance, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to stand shoulder-to -shoulder with you as you audit your environment. Then, we will work with you to design an appropriate commercial insurance package.

Insurance for museums comes in two parts – coverage for everything you own (or borrow) and everything you do.

In the property (own) portion of your policy, we’ll build the coverage to protect your buildings, contents, equipment, libraries, and artifacts. Museums have unique needs in this area, so our policies take into account things like lending relationships, property in transit, and temporary off-site exhibits.  We even protect your revenue with theft, employee dishonesty, lost business income, and event cancellation coverage's.

The liability (do) half of the policy is all about anticipating and providing coverage for the negligent acts of your staff or visitors. Lawsuits don’t have to be things to fear, if you have anticipated and prepared for them. We can help you do that.

Call Mark Lambert, our Museum Insurance Specialist, at 269-965-3221.